The current financial system is biased towards the wealthy and perpetuates wealth inequality by making it difficult for lower-income people to qualify for traditional bank loans. In a market that is not effectively served by traditional finance, there exists an enormous opportunity for creating decentralized platforms.
? ? ?当前的金融体系偏向于富人,使低收入人群难以获得传统银行贷款的资格,从而使财富不平等长期存在。在传统金融里无法有效服务的市场中具有创建去中心化平台的巨大机会。
? ? ?What is the most important type of loan to finance? Microlending. In recent years there has been a rise in alternative financial services, such as microfinance and peer-to-peer lending platforms that offer greater transparency, accessibility and control to allow everyone to participate. This was seen in the developing world, where microfinance institutions emerged to provide small loans of less than US$1,000.
? ? ?融资最重要的贷款类型是什么?小额贷款。近年来,金融服务有所增加,例如小额信贷和 P2P 借贷平台,它们提供更高的透明度.可访问性和控制权,让每个人都能参与。在发展中国家,那里甚至出现了提供低于 1,000 美元小额贷款的小额信贷机构。
? ? ?The world of decentralized finance has made it possible to offer previously exclusive services to the wider public to virtually anyone with a digital wallet. Below we discuss new features of microlending in decentralized finance and its advantages.
? ? ?去中心化金融的世界使几乎任何拥有数字钱包的人都可以向更广泛的公众提供以前传统金融机构的独家服务。下面我们将讨论去中心化金融中小额贷款的新特点及其优势。
? ? ?Microlending and Binary Options
? ? ?Microlending, often known as microfinance, is a form of financial service that provides microloans to a number of low-income individuals or organizations that do not have easy access to regular financial services.
? ? ?小额贷款和二元期权
? ? ?小额贷款,通常被称为小额信贷,是一种金融服务形式,它向许多难以获得常规金融服务的低收入个人或组织提供小额贷款。
? ? ?The major disadvantage of obtaining microloans from traditional financial institutions is the high interest rates, which, while lower than credit cards, are substantially higher than banks. The global average interest rate is about 35%, with fee rates as high as 80% in some places.
? ? ?从传统金融机构获得小额贷款的主要缺点是利率高,虽然低于信用卡,但大大高于银行。全球平均利率在35%左右,有的地方手续费率高达80%。
? ? ?Obtaining a microloan from conventional financial institutions would not be efficient as a long line of firms would apply for microloans. Various debtors are also unable to repay loans because of inadequate policies.
? ? ?从传统金融机构获得小额贷款的效率不高,因为有很多公司会申请小额贷款。各种债务人也因政策不力而无力偿还贷款。
? ? ?Thankfully, blockchain-powered platforms like Gennix have addressed these issues with their revolutionary microlending capabilities. Gennix’s use of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to effectively eliminate gas fees has made this borrowing and lending platform simple on one end and transformational on the other.
? ? ?值得庆幸的是,像 Gennix 这样的区块链平台已经通过其革命性的小额贷款功能解决了这些问题。 Gennix 使用币安智能链(BSC) 来有效地降低手续费,这使得这个借贷平台一方面变得简单,另一方面又带来了变革。
? ? ?Low collateral ratios put Gennix at a competitive advantage over other crypto lending platforms. Features like credit default swaps and binary options are designed to provide investors with lower interest rates than conventional banking and leasing markets.
? ? ?低抵押率使 Gennix 比其他加密借贷平台更具竞争优势。信用违约掉期和二元期权等功能旨在为投资者提供比传统银行和租赁市场更低的利率。
? ? ?Conclusion
? ? ?There are a whole host of reasons why microlending in decentralized finance is an interesting topic – it is important to see that it is not just about the higher returns. It is also about the speed, ease and accessibility at which cash loans can be given to others – and when enabled with smart contracts, also enables users to collect their repayments.
? ? ?结论
? ? ?去中心化金融中的小额贷款之所以成为一个有趣的话题,原因有很多——重要的是要看到它不仅仅是关于更高的回报。它还与向他人提供现金贷款的速度、便利性和可访问性有关——并且当启用智能合约时,还使用户能够收回他们的还款。
? ? ?Gennix is a platform that features both microlending and binary options for investors. It is a borrowing and lending blockchain-powered platform that aims to empower and educate people to invest in the most promising decentralized technologies. Whether you’re a new user who’s just getting started with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or an experienced investor looking for the next big thing, Gennix is your gateway to diversify your portfolio, especially in the cryptocurrency space.
? ? ?Gennix 是一个为投资者提供小额贷款和二元期权的平台。它是一个借贷区块链驱动的平台,旨在授权和教人们投资最有前途的去中心化技术。无论您是刚刚开始使用去中心化金融 (DeFi) 的新用户,还是寻找下一个大项目的经验丰富的投资者,Gennix 都是您实现投资组合多样化的门户,尤其是在加密货币领域。
? ? ?Gennix will be launching its presale on 21st July 2021 at $0.02 for a limited time only. Join Gennix in its vision to be the leading platform in the borrowing and lending space. Inspire and enable the next generation of investors to achieve financial freedom with Gennix.
? ? ?Gennix将于2021年7月21日以 0.02美元的价格限时推出预售。加入Genn,它的愿景是成为借贷领域的领先平台。通过Gennix激励并帮助下一代投资者实现财务自由。
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